Why? What is this blog for?

My goals for this blog are:

  • Help people (especially with IT and programming)
  • Do interesting stuff
  • Earn a little money in the process

Who am I?

my mug My full name is William David Herndon. Everyone calls me Bill. Born in 1961, I went to Carnegie-Mellon University from 1979 to 1984 - that makes me an old school programmer. You may have noticed that 1979-1984 is five years: that's because I couldn't decide what interested me most. I did everything I could, and ended up with two B.S. degrees: Applied Mathematics (Computer Science) and Electrical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering. Then my wife and I moved to Germany "for a year", and stayed. I've worked on a great number of interesting projects, that I hope to get around to talking about in this blog. I am currently concentrating on programming in Android.

Concrete Plans?

My next post will be about everything involved in actually creating this blog - a blow-by-blow so that, should you be foolhardy enough to want to do the same, you can.
After that, I have been writing an Open Source Android app, WeatherApp, to show weather data for a sub-group of Ingenieure ohne Grenzen (Engineers without Borders). I would like to turn that into a series of posts that should help the reader trying to write their own Android app.

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